About Us

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Randy Speckman

Hi, my name is Randy Speckman. I’ve been designing websites for small businesses for over 15 years – but lately, everything has changed.

What used to work for a small business website a few years ago is no longer relevant or effective today. I noticed the old way of building websites ended up being nothing more than an expensive online brochure, instead of converting visitors into leads or sales.

It was then I decided I wanted to be a trusted resource for entrepreneurs like myself that couldn’t afford to spend $10,000 or more on a website. I wanted to challenge the industry ‘norm’ and do everything different. I was determined to help others succeed.

So in 2016, I came up with a better way to develop more profitable websites here at Randy Speckman Design.

We’ve developed a process that allows us to create beautifully designed, easy to use websites that are amazingly affordable and profitable for you. We can save you thousands on the development of your website and more on your ongoing website costs.

A Digital Agency

We develop products that make selling online easier and more affordable for small businesses.

Forward Thinking

We are a highly creative, resourceful, and innovative group with over 20 years of experience.

Problem Solvers

We are excellent problem solvers with a passion for helping entrepreneurs succeed online.

Customer Support

Unmatched service and unlimited support to all our customers. We’ll never leave you hanging!

Our Team

Our team consists of passionate entrepreneurs, experienced strategic developers, and some of the most talented consultants in the industry. We are constantly immersed in technology and stay current on the best practices and trends to develop cutting edge solutions that deliver amazing results.

Over the years we’ve worked on small businesses to large corporations, and have been responsible for a wide range of projects.

We specialize in web design and web development, graphic design, email design, email marketing, e-commerce, content writing, SEO, and social media.

Our best lead generating solutions are formed from a combination of all of our services. Once developed, the integration and automation make your website a very profitable selling machine 24/7/365!

Our Approach

We believe web design is less about looks and more about strategy. That’s why we adopt a results focussed, strategy-first approach to every project we take on.

Most websites don’t have a traffic problem, they have a conversion problem. Our website development process solves this problem in a big way.

We incorporates these three elements:

  1. Traffic (to attract customers).
  2. Conversions (to convert visitors into leads).
  3. Nurturing (to massage those leads into customers).

Add to that, our passion for helping others succeed online and unlimited support and you can see why we have hundreds of very happy clients. In fact, our 96% client retention rate speaks for itself…once you join us, you’ll never want to leave.

  • Brand Strategy 56%
  • Website Design 90%
  • Graphic Design for Print 35%
  • Internet Marketing 75%
  • Customer Happiness 96%